Creating & Composing Texture Images


I’m pretty new to jME and I’m trying to compose textures for a bunch of rectangles. Each rectangle is acting as a screen in the 3D space and I want to texture each “screen” with a background, various icons, and a cursor that the user can move. Can anyone point me in the direction of how I might accomplish this?

Currently I’m thinking I could use NiftyGUI to render a usable cursor and perhaps even the icons on each screen. Or I thought I might be able to use a FrameBuffer to compose layers of images and I would generate those images each game frame (to show cursor movement, icon movement, etc) - but I have never used FrameBuffers before so I do not know if thats how they actually work. Basically my lack of experience with the constructs in jME is preventing me from picking a direction. Any articles discussing this kind of behavior would be appreciated as well as any references to experiences you guys have trying to do this.