Creating game maps - general question

Hello there. It’s been a while since I asked a question on this forum. I’ve been looking for it everywhere and still can;t find the answer that would satisfy me so here goes. I have studied jmonkeyengine and blender architectures for quite a while now and I am familiar how to create a model, texture it and load it to the engine (with the use of UV mapping etc.). I am now working on a brand new game and everything goes smoothly. However, when I started preparing the game locations (maps) I noticed that UV mapping for such a large .scene is simply not efficient. My question is - how can I correctly prepare locations with fully textured elements (using diffuse, normal, specular etc. textures)? I know I can texture geometries using those different textures programmatically, because I’ve managed to do that. But since the locations are quite complex the textures need to “know” where they need to be placed and “how”.

I’m still learning the pipeline so please go easy on me if I’m asking something very silly here :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

Did you look at this:

Just what I needed! Great video! Thanks @normen!

The video tutorial is great, but to make more complex game maps several different types of materials need to be used. Sometimes they have to be tiled and this is not possible when you have to work with a single texture atlas. What I’ve done is that I created several materials in blender and exported them using ogre exporter. Then I converted the scene to .j3o, generated .j3m materials in SDK, added textures (including normal and specular maps) and saved everything. The loaded scene worked like charm. Thanks @normen for the pointer.