Creating geometry from beziercurves?

hey everyone :smiley: I am just a bit stumped on how to create a trimesh/bezierMesh from several bezier curves. >_< For example, if i have five arcs of different sizes, i want to be able to create a shape that uses them as guide. (i'd get a tunnellike structure)

ahaha :smiley: thank you so much… Works like a charm :slight_smile:

First I want to say that there are already some classes that you could find useful in jME like BezierCurve, BezierPatch and BezierMesh.

Thinking to your interesting question, I am imagining a simple solution:

  1. create the 5 bezier usign BezierCurve class;
  2. decide the subdivisions number you want to have and divide 1 by that number, call it "step";
  3. for each BezierCurve instance get a number of points equal to subdivisions number with the getPoint(float time) method and as time use: step * current_subdivision_index;
  4. then create a TriMesh using that points and connecting them in the correct order (if you stored the in ArrayList for example is easy to compute triangles correctly).


    Have fun.