Creating JME bones from transform matrices


    I'm trying to use a motion capture system with JMonkeyEngine. The capture system provides transform matrices
for each bone. This matrix allows to position a box, for example, and It's possible to see the animation. The question is how to create JME bones. To create one visual bone I have to create two com.jme.animation.Bone objects, but I have only one matrix for one bone. All the matrices are relative, so I'm trying to create a tree of bones. If I just create one bone for each matrix, I get a skeleton whose bones are connected by centers. It makes sence, cause every JME bone is positioned according to a transform matrix. But how to create bones that are connected as real bones.
I have tried to translate every next Bone using it's size (I have sizes of the bones), but in this case I get a distorted skeleton.
I think I'm missing something very simple. So, how to create JME bones, if I have one transform matrix for one real bone?


Scan my HottBJ animation tutorial for where it explains the phenomenon that you are describing.

Thanks. That helped.