Creating my own skydome images

I’ve gone through the sky tutorial successfully, but cannot figure out how to create my own sky.

I noticed the call to TextureKey key = new TextureKey(“Textures/Sky/Bright/”, true);

I cannot however find any file named, or any means of generating my own. I understand .dds is a Microsoft file type specifically for textures, but do I have to use this format? What other formats, if any, can I use, and how would I go about generating them?


check this site

All textures are free of use since you don’t distribute them as a “Texture package”.

What’s interesting is that a lot of sky maps are available as cubemaps on this site.

You can converts them to dds following this tutorial :

hope that helps

You can sue a sphere map in any format, or a cubemap wich has to be in dds then.

Take a look at ATI CubeMap Generator