Creating paranomic view


anyone has done this before? for instance, user can enter a few images and it will try to stitch all the images together and place it on a cylinder like view… user is viewing inside the cylinder… so he can turn 360 as he wants to look around…  ideas  :?  examples any:? please…

Perhaps you should have a look at Skybox … it creates a cube with 6 textures, one for each one of the faces.

The stitching part is a rather complicated process, requiring detecting similar pixels and matching them up etc- something a game engine won't help you with much. Once you have the panorama constructed you can apply it on a sphere/cylinder for viewing.

Oh ya … I wonder if there is any good idea of detecting them instead of really comparing pixels column by column…  haha … guess that's the only way? thanks for the replies anyway  XD

There are quite a lot of programs to do this (one came with my camera and it's quite good). You might be able to find some source code for this online.