Creating 'path finding' nodes in blender?

Hi folks, I’ve seen a few posts related to empty nodes and blender, mostly relating to import issues, etc.

What I’m trying thinking of doing…

is creating objects in blender with special prefix on the name,ie. ‘pathnode_’, which may be sphere, or whatever in blender.

then on the load sequence doing something like:


and remove all the matches, but then attach new empty nodes, at those locations.

Does this sound reasonable, or is there better way to create empty nodes in blender?


Dunno know about blender importer…but you can also try to export to ogre. I mean the empty nodes…

I think it’s reasonable if it works. :slight_smile:

This is possible to get prefixes from Blender. With that i make a character creation. Just use names for objects/geometries and switch/replace them later in code.

like mifth said ogre exporter works perfect for that kind of idea.

You just need to add prefixes in Blender and then use JME SceneGraphVisitor/(something else) to get Match(using pattern or something) Nodes/Geometries.

Rest belong to algorithm.

@mifth said:
I think it's reasonable if it works. :)

Like cutting bread with a chainsaw and killing deer with a peashooter? ;)