Creating scene problem

hi guys! i’m working on with my first ever game here on jme3 and this is also my first time to use this engine so i really need suggestions and helps from u guys who are expert.right now, im currently working on with the scene of my game. i added a node to create a terrain and now i just want to add objects on the terrain but it is so hard for me to do it because i’m linking the objects one by one and rotating and moving them 1 by 1 so for me it is so time-wasting. is there a way where can i create my city(so there were houses,cars,etc.) all in one then i could link it to the terrain was created before?

if you are confused with wat i’m asking… i would give an example like wat i’ve seen before but i hope u guys are familiar with the “town scene”. i tried it and link it to the terrain and it works fine so i would just like to create my own version of a town. thanks!

Use the Scene Composer in the SDK and the Terrain Editor to create your scenes. You can import models easily and place them in the scene without too much hassle.

With the assets placed in the scene, save it, then you can load it into your game.

Here is a beginner video tutorial on using it:

thanks! yes, i’m using the terrain editor in jme but that’s my problem when i’m importing my objects into the terrain the objects seems so far and it is so hard for me to move,scale,rotate,etc. so that it will fit on my terrain and it will look like wat i want to. :frowning:

I’ve got a prototype tool that mimics Blender’s transformation tool that might make things easier. I’m just playing with it right now but I might put it in soon.

The existing tools there do need some work still.

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may i know wat is it?

If you have used Blender, the tool I am making works as Blender’s manipulation tool does. You can select an item, hit R (to rotate) then X (to rotate around the x-axis), then use the mouse to rotate it or enter a number (90,Enter) to rotate a fixed number of degrees.

The only issue I have to solve with it is it seems to miss keystrokes, and some more testing.

It would replace/extend/compliment the select tool in the SceneComposer right now.

it sounds more easy than the things im doing. hmm … one more question, i tried making my scene in blender by merging all my .blend files but when i saved it and try importing to jme3 it said that cannot import :frowning: i tried the ogremesh exporter that i’ve seen in most sites suggests but it didn’t work for me. i dont know how i supposed to do. im so confused and a little hopeless. sorry for asking so many questions and help from u but im really really thankful that u’re helping me.

oh by the way im using blender 2.61

I used the ogre exporter with blender 2.6 with success. There have been recent fixes to the blender importer in Jme, so you might want to grab the latest nightly build (probably from Trunk as I don’t think it has been moved over to the stable Beta branch yet).

I suggest starting small, exporting a box, see if you can get it importing. Then expand from there. This is also a useful video for loading blender models directly:

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thanks for this link. i’ll try it :slight_smile: hope i could also use it with success. thank you so much for all your help :slight_smile: