Crescent Kingdoms [looking for some help]

I typed up my document and it didn’t paste like I wanted in word so I just put it on my site. : /

TLDR; I am looking for help on my project. Feel free to contact me with any questions

What’s your timeline?

As for your game, I really do think you’re gonna have to elaborate more on it if you’re hoping to attract any collaborators. From your very brief description so far, the game sounds quite a bit like Bloodline Champions. But you need to explain what makes your game different.

Another thing that would increase your chances of finding a collaborator would be to start prototyping the fun stuff. It sounds like combat is going to be the bread and butter of your game. No one will be able o tell what your game is going to be like until they see a working example of your combat in action.

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Good point I realized I skipped over some stuff I probably should of covered.

Theme - Set in a world where war and magic exist. The main struggle is between spiritual / religious groups in which the player can decide to align with. Alignment isn’t permanent and can be changed at any time. The main reason to join a side is each side will have different looks for spells, abilities and models. The “center” of the world for the game is going to be based around the Capital city which is based in the desert and is a sanctuary.

Gameplay - the desired game play I am going for is a competitive PVP game which is a cross between League of Legends and Wow Arena. Wow Arena and battle grounds is very class / gear dependent and gives the feel of more rock paper scissors. League of legends has a nice competitive structure where the game is based around abilities. My idea for the game play consists of a player creating a character. When this happens the player has only selected cosmetics at this point. While In game (and any time not in combat or a battle) the player can choose to switch “classes”. The other difference here is that players can have 2 “classes”. A primary and secondary class. This is where I feel my game is different is the 2 class system allows for the player to tweak to their needs and desires. The thing I feel most strongly about is providing the user to choose their own set of abilities. Each class will have a set of abilities and picking a primary and secondary allows the player to learn a subset of those abilities. I feel the game needs to be ability driven in the sense that the abilities

  1. Look good
  2. Are useful
  3. Have variations to them, so using them at different times or situations provides different effects
  4. Are not boring

    I have a lot more ideas on the ability stuff but I don’t want to divulge everything here.

    Competitive Rating system - One thing I want to provide is a competitive scene for team PVP. I want there to be ranks to achieve and ladders to climb. There will be rewards for winning ranked matches

    Non Ranked - provide a way for players to battle just for fun or minor rewards either in free for fall, team or 1v1

    I hope I provided some more insight about the game.

    Please leave a response or ask questions I will try to respond the best I can.