Crossfire "old tech" - New MultiGPU Era

"AMD revealed today that it no longer refers to multi-GPU support by its long-standing Radeon brand known as CrossFire. This revelation came via PCWorld’s Brad Chacos, who was curious as to why Crossfire wasn’t mentioned in the company’s latest Radeon Software 17.9.2 drivers. He proceeded to email AMD to inquire about this apparent omission.

Gone are the days of old when graphics card vendors had to hand-craft and optimize CrossFire & SLI profiles for multi-GPU to work at all in games. DirectX 12, unlike all of its predecessors, delegates this responsibility entirely to the game developer via a feature called Explicit Multi-Adapter. The API enables low-level access to the hardware, allowing developers to access each GPU directly and independently."

It brings in belief of dedicated physics hardware and using embeded GPUs amongst other things. And brings the power to the developers to utilize. It’s an interesting future!