Crucified - a multiplayer horror game for two players

Ok, “Pi versus Tau” … discuss.


Cards on the table, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of tau. Now you’ve gone and done it. Well done. Just when I thought I was making progress with these number things.


In elementary school, my kids always celebrated Pi day and I always tried to suggest that they should argue for a Tau day… then I thought about it and the school year ends before Tau day… so not as cool.

Anyone reading this, you can get a decent introduction here:

And if you’ve never come across vihart before, well, you’re welcome. Generally delightful math videos and I almost always learn something that makes me think about something differently.

Okay, this thread has been hijacked now. Don’t really like that…

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Sorry about that… but at least we snipped off the other conversation. So any further conversation about the original post should benefit from the palate cleanser. :slight_smile:


Okay :smile: