CryEngine 3 for Cinema

I don’t wanna spoil the fun, check it out…(if you haven’t already)

Heh, they gonna kick some UDK butt xD

that’s plagiarism!!! they stamped their engine “3”…like us… ;o

Good looking stuff. Doubt that “real-time” would look as good on my average computer though ^^

holy … :smiley: The aperture DoF is f%kin awesome … But how real-time is that, on lastest computer or Box? :[

Is there a difference between “aperture DoF” and the “DoF filter” I posted last night. Just curious… I can probably fix it if it’s different. :slight_smile:

Honestly we can do the same


We just need some cool trees and stuff. Maybe I should start working on my own tree library… I can call it PSpeed-tree… heheh. (wink wink, nudge nudge)


I think It just some more tweak for better visual apperance , that’s all !

The fake lens-aperture effect make the illusion of the pixel’s blending as the shape of a light-ray through a camera aperture when the lens make it blur :smiley: (My poor English suck o_O).

… any way, I think it 's all about the sample patterns :

1 pattern for the brighter pixel

1 pattern (diffirent bias) for the darker pixel

… make the blur effect look good.

And the blend effect :

  • the in focus range pixel got a little bit brighter (as in photography)
  • the deeper pixel ( but out of focus range ) is a bit darker and it’s saturation is low.
  • the closer pixel ( but out of focus range ) is a bit lighter and got gamma lower .

    :smiley: That’s my experience in making a good fake Dof Effect in PTS thought!
pspeed said:
Is there a difference between "aperture DoF" and the "DoF filter" I posted last night. Just curious... I can probably fix it if it's different. :)

Actually there is.
Most DoF filters done for games use Gaussian filter, which is not a correct approximation of the real-world phenomena.

However it is possible to simulate, by taking into account "Circle of confusion" and using a more balanced blur kernel:

Well, I’m using a balanced blur kernel since it’s an ever 5x5 convolution… still only approximating the real life phenomenon, of course. I’m just wondering if there are any easy tricks I can add to get it closer to what they’re calling “aperture DoF”… unless they’ve found some magic to do it for real including looking around corners… and… good for them, if so. :slight_smile:


Bokeh (the blur effect) is the main problem of DoF simulation but I still think the whole image must have some tweak to get a real life phenomenon . Cause when you focus a scene by a camera :

In focus range , every object look a lot more detail :

  • they 're not blur → they 're even got sharpen ( fake by some tweak in self-shadowing and and bump shader , the out focus range doesn’t need it! )
  • they pop (more contrast) + they 're brighter as more light’s photon on it get to the camera pin hole

    Out focus range, light photon from object of this range hard to reach to the camera pin hole so they are :
  • darker ( of course )
  • they’re blur ← can be simulate by some pattern which made the bokeh’s shape a circle , an oval , a blaze , a diamond and everything get blur by some filter which I don’t know the detail.

    A tut about fake Dof Effect in PTS i’ve made. You may see some points.