cTech Engine (jMonkey love)

I have spent around a few months compiling some old engine codes, dusting off the old and getting in with the new and to this very day I

am proud to announce that our engine is getting closer. JMonkey was the solution to implement a few features it lacks at the moment,

but until we can produce own components I can say that our cTech engine and jMonkey walks hand in hand.


The editor is written using C# and Mogre while the “Game” produced is using jMonkey. I looked everywhere to find simple dotSceneLoaders and

it was shockingly easy to set up in jMonkey. That is why I want to expand this engine to build more jMonkey components and give a huge kudos to the jMonkey team.

Finally I have something stable to work from. The engine is still in “Alpha” state, but just a little tweaking more and it reaches it’s first Beta!

Thank you!

  • Lars (Crystal Vision Technologies)

Well, thanks :slight_smile: Glad jME could get you off to a running start.