Cube map reflection and material properties

My materials exported from Blender has ambient, diffuse, specular, and emissive components. I wish to add environmental reflections.

  1. Is it possible to enable some fresnel, index of refraction settings in Blender’s Material tab, and the Blender OGRE exporter would pick up those reflection settings? And converting to .j3o in JME these reflection settings would be retained?

  2. After scene loads in jME, I programmatically search each jme3.material.Material and set a cube map to it. Because each doesn’t have reflective properties, the cube map parameter in Lighting.j3md doesn’t exist. How can I proceed?

    Also, where can I read about which among the dozens of Blender Material panel properties are actually exported via the OGRE exporter? And subsequently which are exported and active in a .j3o file?

ogre material is really basic, env map are not supported afaik.

You can set an env map for reflection to the lighting shader using the EnvMap parameter. The envmap has to be a cube map.