Cubes – A Block World Framework [Update Preview]


what’s the best way to create door blocks?

I use custom block shapes, but then I need to specify 4 different shapes for closed door and 2 shapes for opened door, each has 3 textureskins. Is there a better way? This makes block quite complex.

Thanks for any help.


Hello again! I was wondering, do you have physics, such as sand or water working yet?

@WookiePaw said: @lawsy,

Hello again! I was wondering, do you have physics, such as sand or water working yet?

NO, only have a place holder for the future with fluids, such as current and flow, I’ll link a Video showing my debug information where I am planning on replacing the blue arrows with physics.

Red Arrows = Flow
Blue Arrows = Current

Hi, your wiki is not update since a long time, I managed to do some custom block shapes and correct the faces display (show block’s faces arround glass blocks, …).
Can I past my code here with the explanations ?

Cubes with Greedy Mesh support update PLEASE!

The update is kinda ready… There is a small bug, that rarely happens but I still want to fix it before updating. Maybe I can find some time the next days to look into it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I actually recorded 2 videos back then of the improved performance while using the greedy merger - 3000x70x3000 terrain, with both unshaded and lighting material:




I too would love to see your next update! And also an updated wiki.

Thank you,

Oh, I’m really needing a lot of it, I hope the update will be released in next days. :laughing:

I can not find Cubes in plugins list. Or using the search field.

I’m using SDK 3.1

Can anyone help?

Thank you


I would like to create a smooth terrain as we see at the game 7DTD.
I think I will need to add many custom blocks mesh shapes to let that happen.
Or do you think there could have another way of dynamically generating such intermediary “blocks”?

I am curious also about performance issues of creating so many custom shapes and also about applying its physics, do you think it may happen smoothly?

@frbitten, see the top statement.
check this: (there is also a fork), but the code there is very old, as he updated it in jan-2016, I cant still find where that new code is?

None of the plugins have been ported to 3.1 yet

i am just wondering if Anything new about LOD and paging implementation.

I was wondering, did the greedy meshing update ever make it into the git repository? I’m using cubes to build an urban / industrial environment, which obviously generates a lot of flat / coplanar surfaces, so the greedy mesher would be awesome for me.

If its still in an unstable half finished state I don’t mind fixing the code up and contributing. I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with this and dont mind giving something back.

It did not, I remember having a weird bug that came up (very) rarely where a face was missing. I never came to fixing it.
Maybe I will have time pushing it into a separate branch so people can play with it. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:
I’m still actively lurking the forum, but not writing actively atm, so feel free to ask if anything related to Cubes comes up. But yeah, it’s been a long time and there are probably better alternatives right now. Cubes could still be a pretty good starting point for looking at voxel code though.

Thanks destroflyer. It would be cool if you could push that branch somewhere, just so i can take a peek at how you went about implementing it. I dont mind having a crack at solving the bug if i can reproduce.
I’ve enjoyed working with your cubes framework btw, been really fun and simple to get up and running