Cull Mode Problem

I’ve built a character model and attached it to a node, adding that node to the root node. Panning around the model, the back side of the model was black so I assumed culling was being set. I created a j3m material and set it to the model. If I set the Cull mode to off, I still can’t see the back, but all the other culling modes work so it’s not a lighting issue (if I set the cull mode to from, I can then see the back). Any ideas?

Thank you!

Sorry for double post, the last sentence is supposed to say (If I set the cull mode to front…)

The back side of the model is black or the back side of the model is transparent? Huge difference, really. The first should not be affected by face cull mode unless your model is very strange… the second IS affected by face cull mode.

Perhaps a picture and some code would help people solve this problem.

While cleaning up my code to get ready to post, I noticed that I don’t really have much of a back light. That seemed to be the issue, facepalm


At a minimum, most scenes usually need one real light and one ambient light.

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