Cups and Ball - The Remake

Good day fellow jMonkeyEngine members,

Today I am very please to announce the release/update of my game Cups and Ball.
This game of mine has only been out for about 2 Months now and I already have almost 3000 install.
This makes me very happy that some people actually enjoy games I make and they find it interesting.

So what is new in this release:

  1. I did a complete redesign of the graphics and user interface. The player will find this game much more interesting.
  2. I added some interesting things such as HIDDEN treasure that can be picked in some rounds, which will give the player a boost in points.
  3. There is also a change in the difficulty, it gets more difficult much faster.
  4. I also added and extra ball to the cups after a few levels, where the player has to keep track of 2 balls, and he will not know which one the game will ask him to pick until the shuffle ends.
  5. I have also integrated Google’s Play Services that will keep track of the leader board. What this means is the players can now challenge one another in there friend or family circles. Or they might try to be top ranked in the WORLD.


Well enough said, lets check out the game, check out these next links:

Obviously the online Google leader board feature will only work on Android downloads.

A video:
[video]Cups and Ball - Trailer 2 - YouTube

Then some screen shots:

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Great work! =D It looks nice, and very cool that so many have downloaded it. Have you done a lot of marketing yourself? Also, how hard was it to integrate with Google’s Play Services?

Thanks for the kind words.
Well I didn’t do much marketing, just 2-3 days of promo’s with admob other than that I think what kicked of all the users was the fact that I did this game for the Ludum Dare Mini game challenge.
It was not too difficult to make use of the google play services. One just have to follow there tutorials and examples.