Curious about modifying the test data jar for a game

I was just curious if the jME license allowed me to modify the test data jar for my game so that I could remove from it the assets I need. I ask because I would prefer to not have that large jar file take up so much space when I only need a few things from it.

you mean JME-test-data package?

its exception and some of its models do not use new-bsd license(or cc0), so you should use own models to have full new-bsd license.

this is just test package for assets, you should really have own models to have proper license you need.(you can always use cc0 models from sites like sketchfab for example)

He wants to use only a section of testdata.
Find the models on in the jme3-testdata folder and copy them to your project.

The jme license would allow that, but it’s sometimes not our models and there the licensing isn’t clear. It should be okay and from our point it definitely is, but you should double check the origin to not get into trouble.

Yes the JME test data package
And thanks for telling me a source for places to get models from.

Ok thanks for the info.