Current additions to CVS

Download and run dist for jme and jmetest. At the root, exectue

java -cp "targetjme.jar;targetjmetest.jar;targetjmetest-data.jar;libjogg-0.0.5.jar;libjorbis-0.0.12.jar;liblwjgl.jar" jmetest.renderer.loader.TestMilkLoader

to view an example. An example of how to run the file is at (duh :D ). All CVS changes were new functions or classes. Nothing already there was changed so all test should run the same. I javadoc'd everything "public" that was added to the project.

Details are listed inside the CVS. A short rundown of additions:
1) Added Matrix3f, Vector3f, Quaternion functions (Interpolation, localMult, set, )
2) Added FloatBuffer access functions to Geometry; IndexBuffer access functions to TriMesh
3) Created Math.TransformMatrix (Math class to do transforms), util.LittleEndien (LittleEndien format reader), scene.model.Loader (Base class for loading) and scene.model.ms3d.* (.ms3d format loader)
4) Added run.ms3d to data.model.msascii
5) Created

2 notable speedups included in the loader (loader is still faster without speedups, but with it is very noticable)
1) A "largest" animation bounds can be precomputed for a file, instead of computing one for every unit of time
2) The update(float) rate can be controled thru the MilkAnimation class.

Check it out, ask questions, and tell me if there are any ways to improve it.

Just a note, this will be going away soon with a generic XML file loader format, details still being thunked up.

Looks good. Although, we need a better milkshape model, that run model is awful.

Cep21, you need to reinvestigate some of your changes (I’m assuming to Matrix4f) MilkshapeASCII is now broken.

If you can modify your loader to accept both .ms3d and .txt (they are in the same layout), we could remove the MilkshapeASCII loader completely.

Right now I’ll work on the XML loader and then try to port ASCII and .ms3d to it. BTW, if anyone here has lots of JaxB experience let me know.