Current loader features

Hi there,

I was playing with jme loaders a little bit, so far I found that milkshape works fine but when I use ASE loader I get the polygon count of first geometry part in my model displayed in HUD but no object appears.

Does ASE loader support multiple parts ?

I noticed on the forum that some people are using MD3 loader, is it in experimantal phase or is it safe to use ? If yes where can I get the code for it ?


Judging by your use of the word loaders, you are using the old loader system for jME. jME now has it’s own format (.jme) that is loaded (this will be the only format that can be loaded). It then supports exporters that translates other formats into .jme. Look at com.jme.scene.XMLparser.Converters..

There are then tests in jmetest.renderer.loader.

Cep21 is the man on this (and doing damn good). He supports, Milkshape, MD2, ASE, 3DS, MD3 (early version).

Hope that helps.

Hi. I didn’t write all of the ASE loader. I took most that code from I guess mojo’s first version. If there’s a bug though when loading ASE files (geometry should be supported) then let me know the bug. I’ll try to work it out.

Soon I’ll write a loading how-to, but it’s pretty simple if you look at the test. Just convert it to one stream, and read it from another.

I am using version 0.6 I downloaded from downloads section.

If there's a bug though when loading ASE files (geometry should be supported) then let me know the bug. I'll try to work it out.

I am pretty sure that JME loaded only the first geometry part of my ASE model, which has to have three parts. I tested the model with Xith and it worked fine. I will do some more testing when I get the new converters hopefully.

Can someone provide some more details about jme model format, how do you deal with animation, textures, etc. ?


Jme now uses a new model loading system. You’ll need to download the CVS to use it. It supports animation of which you can find examples in the file TestJmeMD2Write. Still, the ASE should be fully loading. Send me the ASE file and I’ll take a look at it