Curve import using ColladaImporter

Hi all,

Is there a way to get curve data into jme by using the collada importer? I just figured out how to export a bezier curve from Blender into a Collada file, but I cannot see anything that relates to curve data in the ColladaImporter class.

Thing I want to do is: let an object follow a curve i drew in Blender (at a certain speed, so i do need to resample the curve before or after the exporting, but that's another problem…).

Greetings, B

My guess would be that it is not implemented in the importer…

Generally the loaders only load objects that can be represented by scene graph nodes, unless a curve is somehow related to another object (animation for example) then it shouldn't be loaded.

Well there is the BezierCurve that can be transformed just like any other Node and shows up in the view. I also extended the Curve class to implement a NurbsCurve which seems to work fine as well. Now i'm just loading the coordinates like this:




But it would be nice to have it loaded from a Collada file. Well I guess I'll have to implement my own importer… (or modify the existing one),