CurveController and autorotation question

I'm moving my player along a BezierCurve using the CurveController,

Feels nice but the player's orientation is not looking straight at the path, it is always oriented to west respect the path direction.

Do I have to set correctly the world up vector ? Now is 0,1,0.

I think You have to activate rotation with model.setAutoRotation(true) and orient Your model to face in the direction of movement at start by

using model.setLocalRotation(…) or re-orient it in a modeller.

Setting the up vector seem not directly related to that:

     * <code>setUpVector</code> sets the locking vector for the spatials up
     * vector. This prevents rolling along the curve and allows for a better
     * tracking.
     * @param up the vector to lock as the spatials up vector.
    public void setUpVector(Vector3f up) {
        this.up = up;