CurveController on multiple but linked objects


I wondered how to smoothly move an object, which consists of a few boxes,  round a curve so that every single box sticks to the curve and matches the curves orientation. (like cars of a train)

Assigning a CurveController to the objects root is not what I want exactly as only the box at the center of my object is up to the mark in this case. I think it's not possible either to simply adjust the other boxes translation and orientation as i can't make any relation between the curve and the other boxes.

So here is kind of my final question, why doesn't it work to assign an instance of CurveController to each of my boxes? (Node.getChild(0-i)) I can translate, scale and orientate them independently at will, so why can't I assign a few CurveControllers to them if those would operate simultaneous?

Thank you for your answers   

I finally figured out how to get my CurveControllers working together but it seems to me that I will need a completely new approach now…

The problem when assigning multiple CurveControllers to my sub-objects is, that all of them are translated and orientated relating to their own origin, which is good on the one hand but bad on the other as they all stuck to the same position. This is not such a strange behavior in my eyes as their CurveControllers are all starting at the same time.

So what I need now is a way to establish a relationship between the local distance of, for example two cars, in a model and the amount of time that lies between them as I need to start the CurveController offset for every car and every bogie. Above all I guess that this chronological gap will be different depending on the size of my curve isn't it?

This really seem to be a non-detachable problem to me, so I would appreciate any other kind of suggestion.