Curving a plane

Hi all,

Yet another question. What would be the best way to curve a plane?

Background: I got the polygon triangulation algorithm working, however then decided to give the JME terrain system another go. I basically created a mercator chart generator that projects country border lines and height information into a JPG. Then simply load the JPEG. The rest was easy.

Anyway, I now have my terrain, but thought that it would be nice to be able to “curve” it into a sphere once the user zooms out. I’m aware that I could simply load a sphere and apply my mercator projection to it. However maybe there is a way to “bend” the terrain quad?


jME meshes and the terrain both have no way of “deforming” them (except for direct editing of vertexes and/or heightmap values of course). It would be a different approach for mesh and heightmap based terrain anyway. You could extend the existing classes so that your mercator projection data is being used, that would be a very interesting extension for the terrain system :D. I’d also say that generally the heighmap based terrain should be better suited for what you want to do performance wise.



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It would be indeed. I will work on something and send it on within the next few days if I have time :wink: