Custom "Common/MatDefs" materials


I’m switching to a logarithmic depth buffer, which works fine until it comes to imported Blender models. As far as I understand I need to change the Lighting.vert and Lighting.frag files. Questions:

  1. Is there a clean way to tell the Blender importer to use my custom .vert and .frag files if they are stored under “assets/Common/MatDefs/Light/” ? Or do I have to override the files in the core jar?
  2. I tried to update the files in the core jar, didn’t work. Any ideas why?

Actually question 2 made me ask question 1.
Thank you in advance.

1,000,000,000,000,000 times easier just to replace the material on the loaded model after you load it. You can even do it in the scene editor.

You’re right, just did it.

Thank you!