Custom control not showing parent properties

As the title say, i have a bunch of custom controls with hierarchy(inheritance). They are not find by the tool “add CustomControl” but i can add them manually by typing the exact name in the text bar. However, the property list only show properties for the current class and not superclasses.

Found the JmeGenericControl, the problem comes with this method :

* Append one Sheet.Set of fields per class,
* recursively to the root class of the hierarchie.
* @param sheet Sheet where to put.
* @param c current class to start add.
* @param hidden sheet for c is hidden (parent are hidden = true)
protected void putSheetSets(Sheet sheet, Class c, boolean hidden) {
Sheet.Set set = Sheet.createPropertiesSet();
set.setDisplayName(String.format("%s - %s", c.getSimpleName(), c.getPackage().getName()));
createFields(c, set, control);
Class parent = c.getSuperclass();
if (parent != null && !parent.equals(Object.class)) {
putSheetSets(sheet, parent, true);

Is there a reason to create parent classes sheetsets in a hidden mode “putSheetSets(sheet, parent, true);” ?

Hm not really I suppose @nehon, do you remember why this was done? Is it actually not accessible or just folded?

Not accessible, not visible etc…the property sheet says “No property”. Loaded in memory as the docs says but we can’t see them so can’t edit them.

hu nope, I don’t remember. It may just be a mistake.

How can i change that? Will you make an update? Can i override the behaviour of this menu item?

If you feel like making a pull request.
Else I’ll fix it.

i don’t know how to do that :s, is there a wiki page to learn?
And in an imediate case, i’ve understood we will have no update till the 3.1…i’m stucked with this part, is there a way in netbeans to override the action done by add custom control? or to apply the change locally…rebuild the engine i guess…don’t know how to do that too :s

Actually we can push an update to the 3.0 SDK no problem, maybe we should collect a few things (like this) for a 3.0.11 update. @nehon, @Momoko_Fan?

That could be cool :slight_smile:
Even if i’m interested to learn how to make PR :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree
I have to fix it first.

With the recent modifications, plugin settings has to be changed? i didn’t get any update for months now.

Yep plugin update doesn’t work anymore

Arf, how should i proceed to get the update?

Nightly updates don’t work (because they’re not compatible with the 3.0 release) but using nightly is never good advice anyway, from 3.1 on you’ll only be able to get nightly updates if you install a separate unstable version of the SDK.

Normal, stable updates for the SDK work as before.

Great thanks, nothing to do :smile:

Don’t want to use nighlty right now.

But i didn’t get new updates for ages…my install may be broken…

EDIT : 12/06/2014 =>
Is it the right place?

3.0.10 is the current version, yes

Ok, thanks

Do you have a date for the little update? Or can i do something to make the change locally?

You could override your methods and call the super method for now.

I can override the default behaviour of the Add custom control or the control propertyEditor???