Custom GameControls

I have followed this tutorial ( to a T and when I do .addControl( … ) it doesn’t seem to add the controller at all since right after this I call .getNumControls() which reports 0. Can anybody explain this?

You will have to show us some of your code, I’m afraid.

You probably don’t return true in your isInitialized() method after the initialize() method has been called, still some code would be helpful.

@normen - I will check into your suggestion as well but what ended up “working” was removing the GeometryBatchFactory.optimize() command. Should the optimize automatically remove all of the custom controls of those objects it is currently optimizing? Disabling the custom controls makes sense but I wasn’t sure whether physically removing them from the Spatials themselves was supposed to happen. Thanks for the quick responses though!

yes it does, it completely changes the scene graph structure in fact and is only meant for combining mesh data really.

Ok I wasn’t aware of that but definitely know how to better restructure my program now because of it. Thanks!