Custom Mesh Shapes, use of Box allowed?


I read this tutorial and I wonder whether I have to “redefine” a Box, if I want to create a voxel-like character.

To improve the understanding of my goals let’s just say I want to create some characters based of voxels/boxes and I also want to have them animated. I would like to have all the work done programmatically.

Is this possible in jMonkeyEngine or do I have to use blender for stuff like this?


like this?

Thanks for this video, but this is exactly the thing I don’t want to do.

I want to have the modelling and animation of the character programmatically, if this is possible.

Anyway, since I’m stuck for a few days in this matter, I draw the conclusion that I will have to use blender…


This thread touches on the animation subject in the context of physics:

You will either have to use separate geometry (drives up object count) or modify the mesh buffers like the animation system does.

I think it will be easier for me to use blender for the “core” of the models and just do some small manipulations on them programmatically.

That fits for me, thanks.