Custom Music For The Perfect Atmosphere - Most Budgets Welcomed

When you’re looking to express, portray and deliver the perfect atmosphere to your audience,
custom music is the answer. Varazuvi™ will compose an original and engaging score tailored to
your exact needs, be it mystical/fantasy and orchestral, an explosive movie soundtrack or electronic
based work.

We can also discuss and theorize different facets and avenues regarding your project with you, in an effort to produce work that exceeds your expectation.

Areas we specialize in are:

Games (Adventure, RPG’s, Platform, Educational, Apps, Fighting, Puzzle, Survival Horror & Racing)
TV/Film (Full Motion Pictures, Shorts, Documentaries, Cartoons/Animation, Sitcoms, Horror/Thriller, Original and Reality Based Programming)
Commercials (TV/Radio Spots, Industrial/Trade Show Presentations)
Web (Websites, Web Movies, Web Based Advertising)
Multimedia & Live Events (Art Exhibitions, Performance Art, Dance, Professional Events)

If you wish to discuss further or have a question regarding pricing, please contact us at: info at
or feel free to send a PM.

Kind Regards.