Custom particle influencer and SDK

I made my own particle influencer.

How to make it visible in SDK? I have it in my own jar file, made an empty project in sdk, and attached my jar as library. There was a moment when I was able to see it on the list of all available influencers but after restart I can’t do it again.

My influencer have its own parameter. How to make it visible in property list in SDK?

All I need is to create and edit some particle effect and save it to j3o file.

By this I take it to mean as a global library?

It is in Libraries folder, next to Project Assets, Source Packages and important Files.

To be clear: I can add it manually. When I open dialog box under Particle Influencer property I see the list of JME’s stock influencers. But if I type com.mygame.myutils.MyParticleInfluencer it works - MyParticleInfluencer is attached to Emitter object. And there is another problem - I can see only Default’s particle influencer properties, but I want to have my own there. MyParticleInfluencer extends DefaultParticleInfluencer.

I see what your after. I looked at the SDK code and that stuff is coded into the SDK for lookup.

There would need to be a Custom Particle Emitter button added like the Custom Control works unless there is a workaround as near as I can tell.

Thanks for finding it. I need to study this code. As I said - I had my influencer on the list but that was just one time situation. Now I’ll know what exactly I need to do to have it back.

I would like to provide API to use a custom influencer in my editor, if it interests for you :slight_smile:

Sure. but first of all - I’m working with JME 3.0.

Do you have some precompiled version or nightly build to make a quick evaluate of your editor?

Oh, my editor works only on 3.1+ :frowning:

Does the j3o format changed in 3.1? If not I should be able to do my stuff in the editor under 3.1, save it and use in my game.

For now the most important things I want to do is to edit particle effects, do imports from both blender and ogre xml files (including animated objects).

I’m unable to move to 3.1 right now because of my custom rendering pipeline and few changes made to the engine. And, as my former guru said: if something is working - do not touch it.

I don’t know, you can check it.

I have a focus to support toneg0d.emitter library, but if you can work on my editor, I can add supporting of editing default & custom particles.

I’ll check your editor in next few days. Thank you.

I never used toneg0d’s stuff because I found that it is easier to write few lines of code on my own than learn another library…

Example: stun effect uses custom influencer which have only 5 lines of code in its main function. Those stars are spinning around monster’s head. The same influencer is used with my spawn aura to place particles around the monster with single emitAll().

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Strange. Can you try to put the Class Files directly to the Project? I dont know if the SDK will Search the libraries.

The Custom Properties should actually Add anything with a public getter and setter, but it could be bugged.

J3os changed that 3.1 will set hwskinning and hence does Not Save the Bone Matrix i Think. Not Sure if 3.0 fails to load, you have to try.

Btw capitalization failed due to my phone :frowning: