Custom slider images not really working out :/


I’m creating a slider. I have the background image and the image for the scroll button.
But it doesnt work to use ids in xml to assign the right image to right part. First image becomes the background and it doesn’t care for the rest.
Heres my xml code:

control id=“sliderV” name=“verticalSlider” height=“300px”
image id=“background” filename=“texture//menu//scrollbar.png” childLayout=“center”
image id="#position" filename=“texture//menu//scrollbar_thumb.png”/


I’v found the ids for the parts by opening the nifty-default-controls.jar and finding the nifty_slider.xml

I’v tried putting the images in same parent (inside the control)
I’v tried using hashtags.
So im not sure what more to do… Why is it not working?

Found the solution.
To make custom slides and other controls simply use nifty-style-black.jar
Edit the images inside it, and if you wish, edit the xmls a bit aswell.
But it’s much easier than making it all from scratch :stuck_out_tongue: