Custom software cursor

Hi guys,

I would like to set a custom cursor image. I prefer a software cursor because an operating system cursor gives noticeable lag (indeed, the OS cursor seems faster than the reactions of the user interface while doing things like drag&drop).

I think it would be the most elegant way to set the cursor image through nifty. But I have read in some older thread that this functionality was not yet available in JMonkey at that time. This is also mentioned on another thread. I could not find more information about this.

So, the question: is this available now? If not, could it perhaps be simulated by manually moving some Nifty elements around?

Thanks for your help.


Have you even tried or checked:

[java]app.getInputManager().setMouseCursor(…) [/java]

Thanks @madjack. This function however sets a different image for the operating system cursor, so the lag-problem would not be solved. I think I will go for adding custom nodes under the guiNode, as described here.

I have a related problem now (hiding the operating system cursor) when using JMonkey in Swing. I will create another thread to separate the topics a bit better.