Cut and Paste for Textures


Does anyone know if cutting and pasting of textures is possible in JME? For instance, selecting a piece of a texture, cutting it and then pasting it on another texture.

Thanks for your time,


Thanks for the ideas, I appreciate it.

In order to clarify myself, I was thinking of something like being able to select blocks(pieces) from a texture, copy those blocks and then be able to paste them on top of a different texture.

I will look into your suggestions.

Not entirely sure what you are meaning here -

If you mean a photoshop brush painting type thing (modifying the actual texture), then no (it is possible, but I don't think code already exists for this in JME).

If you mean texture splatting / decals (more akin to layers in photoshop) then yes (search the forum for texture splatting).

Are you referring to something like a Texture index?

It's possible to make a method to copy blocks of a texture. This is actually quite easy to do because if you know the "bytes per pixel" for the texture's format, you know the scan-line size as well and that will allow you to skip and manipulate pixels at will. Of course this will not work with DXT compression since it is block based, these kinds of copies would require to re-compress the texture which will be quite slow.