CVS broken?

We can remove asserts from the code, if this will pose problems to more people. They are used only in my stripifier code and was needed only for debugging - currently, they are really not critical.

Guest - to try out jme, you can just comment out asserts in code - this is just few minutes of work and will let you play with the rest of system.

Does IDEA cost money? I’m pretty sure Eclipse is free unless I missed something which is a big plus.

I get the same warnings and errors when trying to compile the cvs version of jME with ant.

I have Java JDK 1.5 in the path, and ant version 1.6.1.

Is there some compilation flag to set the language level or similar, so that the asserts don’t cause compilation errors?

For now I’m working around this problem by compiling jME with my IDE.

ant works fine for me from the command line and I didn’t make any changes… shrug. I think these are enough complaints that I am going to just remove all asserts from the code and be done with it, as abies said, they are just for debugging anyways.

From the command line:

javac -source 1.4

Then you can run it like so:

java -ea MyClass