CVS Checkin notification

Irrisor, you mentioned you got the notification working for CVS check-ins. How did you do that?

Do you mean the email notifications?

I once sent a mail to you and Renanse on that. Quoting myself:

Hi Mark, Joshua

Yesterday I asked Mark a question if I could get CVS notifications on He said he didn't know, but didn't think so. Turns out you can, just look under

mailing lists on the jme project page. Not everyone finds it that usefull but I thought I'd let you know anyway…

Yes, I'm using the cvs-email-notification, but the actual question seems already answered…

Yes, llama, that was it… also explains why I couldn't find your e-mail while searching for irrisor's name :wink:

I'm sure you know, but everyone can also subscribe to the issues mailgroup to be notified when a new issue is entered.