CVS Problems


I am having trouble getting jme via wincvs. I followed the instructions in the getting started guide and did not have any luck (never used cvs before). I also searched these forums to see if I could find an answer, but nothing I found did any good.

I downloaded the newest recommended version of wincvs and registered at, username mbaucco.

The General Preferences have been removed from wincvs, so I tried all the different variants of the command I found on these forums using my username, but I keep getting errors.

If someone could post a new walkthrough for this process I would really appreciate it!


ps: the getting started guide is missing the "" characters

I would recommend getting Eclipse and walking through the getting started guide for that. Eclipse has cvs integration built in (like many IDEs) and lots of newcomers have found that path the easiest to go down.

Many thanks! I saw the Eclipse guide but was not quite sure what it was. I will check it out.


I grabbed Eclipse 3.02 and followed the guide from the Wiki, all is well. Thanks again for the help!

No prob, nice work on figuring it all out. And, welcome!