Cvs question

I was just settin up my ecpilse cvs and I have a question is lwjgl .98 included in the cvs.  If so is that why i can't run any of the demos.  If not maybe i put lwjgl.98 in the java extension folder.

it's in the lib folder.

alrite so i got eclipes set up so I won't run into any more problems.  I ran the shadow test and I am looking at renderer.pass good work.  Mind if I use it?

also in renderer there is clearBuffers is there any way to store stuff like GL11.glPushAttrib()?

We had a AttributeState which didn't work very well :slight_smile: so, yeah, we've talked about adding a push/pop attrib method to Renderer. Probably do it before too long.

so for now just use lwjgl directly?  Also about the leaf node i submitted a eff or what ever it's called I was just wondering how i'd get the leaf node intill then?

i started working on a Shader independent shadow volume I think I started to far ahead of myself.  it'll initally show fps lower than 30 on high poly scenes but I think from what I saw a 2.2 p4 can process 20 vertexs a sec and a ti4200 can do like 80? i'll have look it back up but the shader proformance gain is what i'm after