Cvs update clone creator?

I just did a cvs update and clone creator seems to be gone. did it suck? I also noticed compliance has gone to 5.0

I am also gettin error with methods from geometry class. what happened? did I pick a bad time to update or is this just normal development


This is normal  post 0.10 development issues, heheh.


  1. CloneCreator was horribly broken and poorly designed. It will be replaced, but basically had to be removed for the new changes to take effect. Future solutions will probably extend Shared* objects allowing them to share and clone.
  2. jME is now 1.5, getting started needs to be updated to reflect this.
  3. What exactly are your Geometry errors?

thanks for quick reply,

error in my project:

DisplaySystem.rendererNames ,cant be resolved

edit: fixed with DisplaySystem.getSystemProviderIdentifiers()

errors in jme-physics:


ParticleManager ,cant be resolved


bunch of errors in GeomTriMesh getXXXBuffer()

jmeGeo.getModelBound()  undefined

and im seeing



>>>>>>> 1.10

which is also giving errors, what is that? im guessing 5.0 stuff?

I think this might be a good time to try the new Physics system :slight_smile:

mud2005 said:

and im seeing

>>>>>>> 1.10

which is also giving errors, what is that? im guessing 5.0 stuff?

This is the syntax of CVS showing there is an unresolvable conflict with the two conflicting sections. Maybe you changed locally and then ran cvs update? At least it looks like that. Just remove the file and fetch it again from CVS.

Ohhhh, I do have a bad habit of changing jme when debugging and then forgetting to reverse changes.

Thanks Galun