Cylinder and the expanding BoundingBox around it problem

I've got a basic cylinder, surrounded with a boundingbox.  If I rotate the cylinder along the axis, the bounding box expands and contracts quite a bit, even though the cylinder doesn't actually change size.  The box changes in size much more than you would expect to be caused by the fact that a cylinder isn't perfectly smooth. Can anyone tell me why this would be?

Further details: The cylinder has a radius of 0.275.  However, the bounding box x and z extents range from 0.275 (as would be expected) to about 0.38 (when I rotate the cylinder by 45 degrees).

I've just been informed that JME treats a cylinder as a cube when calculating the size of the bounding box, which explains the reason why the bounding box changes size when the cylinder is rotated.

I think it depends on what kind of BoundingVolume you use.

If you use a BoundingCylinderBoundingCapsule, your physics representation will also be a cylinder.

see PhysicsNode.generatePhysicsGeometry().


there is no boundingcylinder

I've searched the JME source code and can't find any mention of a BoundingCylinder or PhysicsNode.  Am I missing something?

those (at least the physicsnode) will be on jME2Physics source