Czech letters in nifty

I’ve tried to create new fonts using sdk rc2 but no success. I see that the generated file has ASCII charset. Is there a way to easily create fonts for different character sets like ISO 8859-2 or ideally Unicode?

You should be able to use a program like BMFont. It supports pretty much all characters and creates .fnt and images. I think image formats can be chosen freely.

Tried using this but no luck:

It still can’t find the correct character and it doesn’t even show the chars, just black rectangles like there something wrong with the generated png file. Although it seems correct when I open it in Irfan view.

I’m not sure if it is bug in Nifty or BMFont (or me :slight_smile: ) but the problem with black rectangles instead of letters was solved by assigning glyphs to all channels (RGBA) like this:

Czech letter work after selecting correct pages in BMFont.

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Good to know :slight_smile: