:D NooB question about starting new project. Trouble with importing and all that

Hi all, first of all I want to thank all this admirable work you keep improving. XD I wanted to know how you guys start your work, for example, on NetBeans. I mean, I get many compiling errors when trying to import needed classes on the project. I could only made work the testing demo's but can't start correctly my new project (don't know where to put the project so I get no errors with importing, I also tried modifying classpath on netbeans…)

Thanks a lot,

Henry  :slight_smile:

I think then you then probably don't have enough experience with Java or Netbeans. I tried Netbeans few years ago. After I tried Eclipse I realised that Netbeans sucked bad. Maybe they have improved it now, I don't know. I'd say use eclipse and follow the tutorial step by step to set up JMonkey with Eclipse under the wiki->tutorials->tutorials for jme2.0 or smthing like that. Worked for me.

dunno about netbeans, but eclipse seems to be kinda great since it helps me kinda keeping my stuff working.

Here's the link to the steps in setting up your new project to use jME: