DarkFrog still around?

Hello guys:

  Maybe some of you might, as I am, be wondering about DarkFrog and his absence from the forums lately… He has not posted for nearly a month now (from what I recall), even if some jokes have been posted on his behalf… and he is always prompt at jumping with clever (ahem) answers to those… Also I remember that the last time I saw a post from him, he seemed pretty upset about some discussion with some other members of the community, so I can't help but wonder…  :?

Sorry if I am being untactful.  ://

You miss him? I am sure we all miss him.

duenez loves darkfrog!

duenez loves darkfrog!

duenez loves darkfrog!

duenez loves darkfrog!

duenez loves darkfrog!

I was wondering where he went too, but never really thought he might be mad because of that last discussion he took part in - after all he has proven a thousand times to be able to take criticism with humor (and to deal it out the same way just as often :wink: ). I hope it's just some kind of vacation, or maybe he's just busy… seems to have a bunch of projects going on at any time!

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He's still around.  His last comments were in regards to someone giving him a hard time about his JGN soapbox, so maybe he got upset about that.

To be honest, I was a little annoyed at some comments made, but rather than defend my position I figured it better to test the ground and see if it was a general feeling among the community:


I figured I’d take a month away from posting and then come back more “on-topic” with less “advertising” and less “frog humor”.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I would hate to spoil a good community with all my off-topic rantings. :wink:


personally I liked your adverts. It's a good way to show a nice framework to everybody. I keep doing it myself (advertising) with JME, JMEPhysics and even JGN everywhere I go.

BTW, I'm integrating JGN as the network subsystem (really transparent for the programmer actually) for another Java 3g game engine: EnJine, which is no concurrent to jME since it's only for teaching purposes.

I think the frog is a large part of the "flavor" of this community.  Considering the efforts and contributions he has made to jME I never saw a problem with the "plugging" of other non-pure jME tools, systems, etc.  Glad to see that at least yer still hanging around df.

Thanks guys…and to be clear I'm not angry with anyone, was just taking a little break. :slight_smile:

Ok, I am very glad to hear that… and no, Duenez does not love Darkfrog!  Unless you meant professionally of course… I think both of our wives would be pretty upset if that were not the case  :wink: … Just wonder for the well being of the whole community!  :mrgreen:

sigh and what a great community it is (wouldn't be the same without obscure amphibians, Peruvian mammals, tree climbing apes, and tropical fruits)

Darkfrog smells!

It's because of noobs like Hal that requires a break from jME now and again.  :stuck_out_tongue:


hehehe :slight_smile: