DDS Texture

I think DDS texture support would be a nice feature for jME.

Here’s an url with a DDS loader for LWJGL :

Why DDS ? It’s very fast to load from OpenGL : mipmaps are already computed in the texture file and it’s very well compressed (DXT1 to DXT5 compression)… Also, there are already many plugins for photoshop/paintshop to export your texture to this format…

What do you think of that feature ?


Sounds like a good idea to me. I’ll put it on the todo list.

I'd jus tlike to take a moment to second this feature. DDS textures are pretty much an industry standard these days (For obvious reasons, DXT5 compression vastly reduces the footprint of your textures compared to tga).

Heh, it's been in for a while now.  I guess this thread never was updated.  Just use TextureManager on a file with the extension .dds