Deadlock in JavaMonkeyPlatform

Hi guys

I have a little problem but a major inconvenience. When I make a class implement Runnable and then let the IDE create the run method automatically (by clicking the light bulb and then implement all abstract methods) the IDE gets in some kind of deadlock and I have to restart the IDE which results in me losing all my work :s

The IDE actually crashes whenever I use that light bulb.

Now I know this is based on netbeans and it might be a netbeans problem but I don’t have this bug in the original netbeans (It sometimes crashes though but that’s because of my PC and it’s completely at random in the original).

Okay, never had/heard of this… Deadlock sounds bad, guess we dont get any error output at all, nothing in the logs, huh? What version of the JDK are you using? The versions after 1.6.0_20 (i think) handle popups in combination with heavyweight components (OpenGL window) better.

lol this makes me feel embarrassed :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t think about the jdk version. I used JDK 7 which apparently isn’t really good atm :p. changing to JDK update 23 makes everything run fine and smooth (something that doesn’t happen with 7). Although that netbeans runs fine with 7 jMonkeyPlaform apparently doesn’t (It also uses 100Mb of memory less :p)

Also it weren’t the popup’s that caused the problem just clicking an option in it triggered the problem

Anyway thanks for the help and keep up the good work monkeys :wink:

Alright, good to know, thanks for posting back. I guess lwjgl is not 100% compatible then yet.