*-debug.apk and *-debug-unaligned.apk not generating

Hi All,

I have compiled a few Android apps and something started to puzzle me. On some apps I build, only the *-release-unsigned.apk appeared in /dist/ after a build, *-debug-unaligned.apk and *-debug.apk does not appear.

Also, when I manually transfer and install the apps, only *-debug.apk and *-debug-unaligned.apk installs successfully. The *-release-unsigned.apk tries to install, but eventually returns the message “App was not installed”.

Is there a specific reason the app would not install? Maybe an app with the same name already existing?

And is there an explanation to why only the release.apk is generated?



When you build the project only the release apk is generated. also it has to be signed to properly install on your device.

However when you hit "play " in the IDE, the debug apk is made and signed with a debug key. This one can be installed, but only if your device is configured to accept app not coming from google play

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Thanks, that makes perfect sense.

So the release-unsigned.apk is basicly what you’d send to google play, who would sign it?

@nihal said: So the release-unsigned.apk is basicly what you'd send to google play, who would sign it?
You sign it, with a valid keystore. look at this doc https://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/legacy/doku.php/jme3:android?s[]=apk there is word about signing your app. Also look on Google how to get a keystore, for your application. Basically once you got it, you just have to set these parameters in your android properties file (the one in "ImportantFiles" in your jme project) key.store=path/to/the/keystore.keystore (on your local drive) key.alias=nameOfYourCompany (for example)
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