Debug class included in distribution?

I just realized I should create a DebugAppState to attach to the main game to, mainly, capture certain keystrokes and maybe other stuff. Yeah, I know, kinda late to that party… Still…

What I’m wondering about is, if I remove all references to it in a release build, will it still be distributed with the rest, even if it’s not referenced? Or should I explicitly exclude that class when building in that circumstance?

My guess is it’ll still be jar’ed and put with the rest.

Right or wrong?

Build the project and take a peak inside the jar :slight_smile:

I know, but it’s just an idea I just had. There’s no such class right now. :wink:

It will still be included yeah, your jar might be a library.

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Noted. Thanks.

Easiest solution is to put anything not always packaged in a separate jar (library project) then not distribute that.

Theres also excludes you can configure in the settings (if not in the gui then in the properties file)

I’ll just put that class, when it’s done, in the exclude list.