Debug Game State lighting & cell shading

I feel stupid making so many postings in such a short time.

How do I get a non extended DebugGameState to by default show textures or turn on the lights. At the moment the default seems to display letters and numbers along the surface. Looks cool, but not so good for my use :P.

Also is there any tutorial to on how to do cell shading?

to get rid of the funny textures you need to call rootNode.updateRenderState()  at the end of your GameStatates constructor.

To get proper Lightning you need to create a new LightState for the rootNode.

you can take a look at monkey-mahjongg game state to get started

Actually I haven't extended a gamestate for drawing yet. I'm just using the debuggamestate while i'm still in early development. Though I think i'm going to examine your state that you linked. It might be better just to switch sooner rather than later.

I did create a light and the needed components. The rootNode is applied to the light and the light state to the rootNode. Still doesn't work. Though i'm not extending any of the states. I'm currently looking at extending one of the CameraStates though.