Debug shapes in nightly build 17-Feb-11?

Hey, I don’t get this “Does not work with detached physics, please switch to PARALLEL or SEQUENTIAL for debuggin.”?! Has this something to do with the jMonkey IDE? Cause I’m working with eclipse.

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No, its got to do with the fact that only location and rotation is transferred thread safe and that the debug display needs more info than that. Just don’t use detached physics, it should be deprecated as the native bullet will be parallelized anyway.

Thanks for your fast response, but what is meant by detached physics? To what should I attach it (I have for example a RigidBodyControl object and a GhostControl object, both are beeing added to a model)? Maybe I don’t get this at all, so maybe you can explain me how I can keep using the nice feature of debug shapes?!

Just dont use detached mode and all is fine, the different modes are explained in detail in the javadoc of the threading type variables.

Ah thanks, now I got it. I didn’t know that “deatched” is a mode. But unfortunately after adding this line nothing changed :frowning:


Whatshould have changed except that the physics is run in parallel? The javadoc of the detached mode?

Oh sorry, maybe that was a bit unclear. I want to attach debug shapes. But since I’m using the new nightly build they’re not displayed anymore and eclipse says that the method attachDebugShape is deprecated.

Ah, just use physicsSpace.enableDebug() does Eclipse not display the javadoc? Its mentioned there.

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