DebugShape in recent build

I updated my nightly from 9-27 to 10-5 and noticed a strange behavior with the way the wireframe debug shapes are being rendered. I just wanted to make sure this was intended, since I mean, these things are for debug purposes only I assume.

With the small experiment I’ve been working on over there, whenever the model is being rotated, the debugShape just hangs out in the last position where the model wasn’t rotating. The physics still react the same however.

So for example if the character is moving and turning in an arc path, the debugShape chills back where it started. When you release the keys and the player comes to a halt, the debugShape updates to this position.

Again, the physics respond fine, but is this intentional?



I guess its due to the local updates that were introduced lately… I thought I had the fix implemented fully before those problems arise -.- Does this happen with all types of physics nodes or just with character/ghost nodes?

@Momoko_Fan: any idea why its only rotation? Some update mess? On the spatials side? On the physics side?



Edit: Uh, wait, you say its only the debug shape? Other attached nodes work fine??

Yeah, that’s what’s so strange. The attached nodes work fine, even the physics! The debug shape doesn’t want to follow it though which I thought was sorta weird. It’s not a gamebreaking issue, it’s just a “wtf is with that debug shape?!” issue. =p



Edit: Also, sorta weirds me out that it’s the rotation of the model that’s attached to it that’s throwing it off. I’m not rotating the physicsCharacterNode, so I dunno how/why its child node is affecting this.