(December 2018) Monthly WIP & Screenshot thread

There are a lot of Lancias tips, but I already used Lancia Deltas shapes on Car1 with modifed rear end. This car is from Eastern Europe, made in Poland, famous as FSO Polonez - Borewicz built on Fiat 125s platform - the hint.
Not a powerful, usual with 1500cc engine and 74hp, but also few special pieces of 3-door version with 2.0l turbo engine making 188hp back in 1984. I first saw this car in a magazine and I very like its boxy shapes. Yet, I have to make some nice “period-correct” wheels for it.

Well, I will prepare something easier for next round :smiley:
Thank you for guessing! I guess it’s fun :smile:


FSO Polonez

That’s what I thought, too, when I first saw it “alfa”.

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This game is fun! My turn, can you name this national monument? :


Which nation? :wink:

I think it’s pretty obvious, no hints.

Pssh the great pyramid of giza from the top down, obviously. Find something harder.

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nope, its take from ground level

The… borg cube of islam? Not sure what it’s actually called.

It’s a monument to the first ever Sudoku puzzle that was only one cell. They’ve gotten considerably more advanced since then but all puzzles have to start somewhere… :wink:

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waaay off

place the numbers 1 to 9 in all the empty cells, one per cell…

No, no, no… it started off as only one number. Just like the slightly more modern 2x3 sub-block sudokus only use 1-6.

before the thread gets completely full of my garbage, I googled a 1px image, and am yet to decide the answer…

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Well hurry up and decide then, so we can take a crack at this for real. :smile:

It is Kindilfresser, the Child Eater of Bern.

but most of you already figured that out


You could be forgive for getting it confused with

The Big Poo

The Bronz Fonz

In before the end of the month, another progress video:

In this we see examples of world modification at runtime, done on the ‘server’ and transmitted to the clients. The physics world mesh gets updated, etc… which is why the balls/chair fall into the hole (and keep falling as it gets deeper).

The pink + blue blocks you see are calibration blocks. Blue being manually added to the scene at a certain known position and pink being part of the actual world. There were quite a few off by one errors due to various refactorings and this is how I tracked them all down.

So while all of the things in this demo may seem simplistic each one was to test a problem along the way. I’m happy to be this far now.


Can we see some dirty chair on char scissor action? Nothing like watching 2 concave hulls attack each other

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When you think you will be working on large object network layers and instead will spend a few days (probably) debugging your physics engine…


I don’t see anything out of the ordinary, isn’t that pretty much what a physics engine is supposed to do?